Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SONAR Marketing, More Comprehensive and Targeted Than Content Marketing Alone!

Here's a great article about content marketing, from a strategic standpoint with SEO.


It's important to note, especially to the naysayers and 'haters', that SONAR marketing and the SONAR Content Distribution Model is similar to content marketing, but it's more comprehensive and targeted-- it's like content marketing on steroids. It's organic and combines SEO/SEM, social marketing, viral marketing PR, and more.

It always amazes me when SEO people don't get SONAR, when it's really not a hard strategy to grasp...it's just as organic and effective as article/content marketing, just better.

And of course, the major difference is that it's a systematic, synchronized method of disseminating repurposed content on the Web based on audience, website and SEO keywords.

Most, if not all, SEO folks don't have issue with content marketing (especially using hi-quality, relevant content)...so I don't understand the confusion about SONAR.

It's proven. It's organic (free). It uses hi-quality content for natural relevant backlinks. And it hasn't been negatively affected by search engine algorithm updates like Farmer/Panda, and recent, Penguin.

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