Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ramp up your SEM efforts with "SONAR"

SEM -- the ability to leverage natural search -- is an important part of your online marketing plan.

In order to help maximize your website traffic and conversions, synchronization of your content distribution can potentially equate into an increased web presence, growth to your prospect database, and additional sales.

For instance, if you have article in your eLetter at the same time that article is published in your eLetter (and this is critical) repurpose it and distribute it via what I call, "The SONAR Content Distribution Model":

S = syndicate partners and syndication networks. For example, there are many websites that encourage article submission. There’s a financial site called or syndication networks such as They welcome editorial from third-parties. Simply search the Web for “content syndication networks” and a list comes up more potential places to distribute your content.

O = online press releases. Everyday articles from your eLetter can be repurposed to have a press release feel. The most important element is that the release must be newsworthy -- latest research data, a forecast, a product breakthrough, contrarian viewpoint – anything that would be interested to readers and media. Sample low cost or free websites include:,,, and others.

N = network communities. Social networks user generated content sites have become a great way to syndicated content, create buzz, and drive traffic to your site. Communities like: Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, LinksMarker and more allow users to upload snippets or headlines of their content.

A = article directories. Sites such as, and allow users to upload articles. If you have a daily or weekly eLetter, you can upload articles to these sites. Good for SEO (search engine optimization), viral marketing, and syndicatation opportunities.

R = relevant posts to blogs, forums, and bulletin boards. Upload an excerpt or message from an article with a link to the article. You never know who in the blogsphere is reading posts, and someone may find the article interesting and publish it in it’s entirety on their website or blog. When uploading posts to blogs and forums make sure your post is relevant and not a blatant promotion. There needs to be some value in the message. You’ll get better results if you have an active presence in the forum prior to your post, lending more credibility to your comments. This “guerilla marketing tactic” needs to be done with finesse incorporating industry best practices and good business ethics.

In my expereince, implementing this powerful, yet simple technique -- while dovetailing your other -- Inernet marketing initiatives will show increased traffic results in no time.

"SONAR" Results In Action

My synchronized technique helped increase traffic ranking and visits to a new health website by 3,160% and 81.5% respectively, in only three months.

And in four months, traffic visits increased to a popular investing website by nearly 80% as well as an increase its traffic ranking by nearly 150 percent. Plus, this traffic was monetized for an ROI of 221%.

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