Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Internet Marketing Quick Tip: Optimize Your PPC Efforts With Site Targeting

If you're finding that the Yahoo, Google or Bing universe is too broad and vast for your niche products (or ad budget), consider testing a campaign on smaller pay-per-click ad networks such as Miva.com, Kanoodle.com, Avertising.com (formerly Quigo.com) or AdBrite.com.

Each of these networks allow PPC site targeting as well as have specialized publishers/websites in their network. In my experience, since their universe is smaller than Google or the other 'top 3' search engines, you find yourself the big fish in a small pond - increasing your click thru and conversion rate and reducing your overall cost per lead (CPL).

Of course, it goes without saying that having great copy both in the text ad and landing page is crucial to success in most ANY ad network. Advertising.com, for instance, has some heavy-hitters intheir network, like major cable and broadcast new channel websites. Since the universe is smaller, you will likely have less competition, thereby a lower bid price.

This will help you stretch your ad dollars longer than on a more competitive platform such as Google Ad Words. It's worth running a test: take the same ad and pick the same keywords, yet run the campaign in two different ad networks such as Google and Advertising.com. After 2 weeks, review the results. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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