Friday, February 19, 2010

Content 2.0 Teleseminar (Part 1) - The Day After

For those of you that attended my teleseminar this week with Bob Bly, Content 2.0: The Missing Piece in the Internet Puzzle to Traffic, Leads, Sales and Buzz, thanks for joining us.

We have gotten inundated with feedback from attendees expressing how great the call was and how impressed they were with the level of expertise and information that was given.

And just in case you didn’t take notes on how to drive website traffic and increase revenues for virtually little effort or marketing dollars … don’t worry. Attendees will receive a transcript of both Part 1 (which was on Feb. 17) as well as Part 2 (which will be on Feb. 24) very soon as well as a bonus message form Bob containing all the free websites and tools that we discussed on the call.

If you missed the call completely … no worries. Bob and I plan on taking these 2+ hours worth of powerful, proven, traffic building tactics and create an eBook which will be available soon for purchase.

If you’d like to be one of the first to be notified when this eBook is ready, please email me at and put in the subject line “VIP List – Content 2.0 eBook”. And I’ll make sure to add you to our priority notification list.

For more information about the techniques discussed on the call, visit:
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