Saturday, June 16, 2007

How To Make Co-Registration Work For You

Co-Registration is a form of online marketing where your subscription offer appears on a webpage AFTER the primary transaction of the publisher whose site you’re advertising on.
For instance, if you sign up for, let’s say for’s free enewsletters, after you submit a Thank You page may pop up with other publisher’s offers. The offers usually are an advertiser logo with small write up about their offer or company. This tactic of online marketing is usually used for lead generation purposes.

The key is to follow up with any leads that come in on a co-registration effort quickly. The names collected through this mechanism need to be segmented from the other names in your file since they’re "cold" leads. Meaning, they really don’t know your company at all. To get the most from these names and improve your conversion rate and potential life time value, you’ll need to bond with them and then hit them with your upsell offer. It’s usually best to have a series of introductory emails that try to accomplish this. You can also give this list some incentive, such as introductory offer (maybe 10% off you’re front-end product/service).

The average CPA (cost per acquisition) in co-reg agreements can range from $1.50 - $5.00 per name. Make sure this is "net" names – after any bad emails or duplicates (names you already have in your file) are removed.

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