Sunday, June 10, 2007

10 "must ask" questions when doing a media buy

If you’re buying banner ads or other advertising spots on a website, it’s key to find out a few things before you sign your insertion order:

1. Competitive analysis. What’s the industry rates for that particular ad spot and placement?
2. Competitive analysis. What ad units typically get the best click thru rates?
3. Publisher placement. Will my ad be "run of site" (ROS), which is home page and sub pages and typically the most cost effective, on targeted subpages, or on the home page?
4. Ad targeting. Does the publisher allow day parting (running ad during specific time periods)?
5. Publisher placement. Will my ad position be fixed or rotated (shared) with anyone else’s ad?
6. Publisher placement. If shared, what percentage of impressions (or views) will I receive?
7. Dedicated email. Find out the size of the list you’re thinking of renting, the frequency the list goes out, and the average unit sale (AUS) per subscriber.
8. Dedicated email. Will there be a lift note (an introduction or implied endorsement)? Lift notes often help open and conversion rates.
9. Out clause. Does the agreement allow an out clause or termination right? Can I pause my ad during a "slow traffic time" (i.e. summer, holidays) as not to waste impressions?
10. Reporting. Will I be given daily/weekly reporting OR access to (the publishers) online ad serving system?

All of these factors will help determine the value of your ad space, and ultimately, the cost you’re willing to pay to access that audience.

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