Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Launch Strategy That REALLY Works!

If you're about to launch a new product, book, website, or whatever and don't know where to begin - then you MUST read this...

After launching multiple products, websites and creating the marketing launch plans for several books that hit Amazon #1 in record time - such as books by Michael Masterson and Bob Bly- there's a proven formula that works every time no matter what the actual "thing" is you're launching. In a nutshell, its coordination and synchronization of multi-channel marketing efforts all culminating around a specific time period (i.e. certain a day of the week).

These efforts include:
--Staggered emails. These will go to your list and other synergistic lists (affiliates, JV partners, friends, industry contacts) and aim to build anticipation and create a pent up demand. Qualified people that demonstrated an interest before the launch can be your "hot list". These names will then have potential to be your top buyers for related products.

--Social media. Putting posts on blogs, bulletin boards, forums. Recording a video of yourself and posting it on YouTube. Ultimately, creating messages that have the potential to go viral and create buzz around your launch.

--Pay per click. Bidding on your relevant keywords and having a mechanism and offer to collect names and build your hot list.

--Online PR. Getting your message out quickly and cost effectively. The release will get picked up by blogs, media websites, industry websites, and online news aggregators (such as Yahoo and Google) and not only increase awareness, but also give you back-links (SEO!) as well as have the potential to go viral.

--Editorial and Article Syndication. Write articles for print and online media about the topic that ties into your launch. These should have some useful and newsworthy information that would be appealing to the readers and encourage click through to whatever your call to action is.

All of these efforts build up slowly, and create momentum and online traction to the day of your launch. You're basically creating market demand, traffic and buzz about your product or offer.

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