Monday, November 16, 2009

Cover Your Basis - PPC and SEO

There’s a great tactic that will help your list building efforts -- both with paid AND organic search.

And it’s not much additional work … if you already have a lead generation landing page you’re using for PPC, you can cover your basis on the organic side with a few additions. Here’s how:

--Start by creating a new URL for SEO purposes using the existing PPC landing page.

--Make sure the new SEO URL is packed with your targeted and relevant keywords (one caveat: before this, make sure you’ve done your research to see which keywords to use and the search volume on each one).

--Add relevant and targeted keywords into the new SEO lead gen page’s tags including: title tag, meta description, and meta keywords. Also, if you have images on the page, make sure to add relevant keywords to those.

--If not already done, drop in the Google Analytics code to this page so you can track page visits/traffic.

After your page is indexed by the search engine spiders (which may take a few weeks), your lead gen page should start appearing in organic search rankings based on the keywords you’ve indicated in your tags.

What will also help your page’s ranking be more favorable is if you can get some backlinks from high traffic websites linking to this new, SEO landing page.


marry said...

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lovephileo2 said...

both ways can help your website to succeed though sometimes google analytic doesn't fit well to all.

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EZSGA said...

Does anyone know if we are trying to increase our organic/natural listing which would help our ranking more if we had a blog or bulletin board or does neither of them make a difference?


Anonymous said...
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